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June 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The time has come to announce a big change! The end of one chapter marks the beginning of the next.

It is not in the styled & posed moments, or the glitz and glam of the studio or Photoshop that I have found happiness. Those things are amazing and beautiful, but they aren't me. I'm nitty gritty. I'm raw and real. And this is where my journey has led me. I want to tell your stories. I want to capture your life as it is, in all it's messy, chaotic, unperfect perfection. I want to create photos that allow you to time travel. To stop time in its tracks for you. Images that will take you back to a single moment of your own personal history and help you remember, when those days are long past.

So here I sit, trying to find the proper words to say goodbye to posing, and hello to "Family Photojournalism". There are none. There is no way for me to explain the value that these moments will hold for you. You have to see it for yourself.

These are some from my own life story. Memories I hope my sons will some day cherish.

So in honour of this change, I have decided that I will be announcing a give away soon. Let me prove to you that there is life after posing. There are frame-worthy moments that occur every. single. day. When life was utter chaos. When things were so busy you felt like you missed it all. 

It's okay to blink. You won't miss a thing. Because I'll be right here with you, capturing the story of your life.


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