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How can my baby be 2 already? I mean, I watched it happen right before my eyes, and even captured a good chunk of it... but it still feels like I blinked. The often repetitive daily grind that is life with young children makes us easily forget just how quickly these days pass.... and then they're 2.... TWO!

Being the younger of my 2 sons, I realized that this guy rarely (if ever... if I'm being honest) gets NEW toys. Our house is so filled to the brim with toys we've received as gifts, or as hand-me-downs that I'd never realized that my husband and I had never actually got our youngest his own, brand-spanking-new toy. So for his second birthday, that's what we did while big brother was in school.... We took his first ever trip to the toy store.

It started with a few tears. He really loves his big bro you see, so he's never overly happy when we leave him at school.

But then Daddy came back to the van, and all was right with the world. And our adventure began.

If there happens to be a ball within a 500 yard radius, this guy WILL find it. 

And then he saw her..... she was the one. EVE. His new love. Even as I type this, she's upstairs cuddled up in bed with him. Of all the trucks, and balls, and minions... she had his little heart the moment he laid eyes on her.

Rubble ended up coming along too, but was swiftly overtaken by the bigger one. EVE and the boy are still very much intertwined in their toddler love affair. 

Happy 2nd Birthday to you, my sweet & silly boy. We love you to the moon and back!

Cheers friends. Thanks for sharing our celebration!


What an awesome day for the little man! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!
The most wonderful birthday story ever. Happy birthday my little curley haired Quinn Alfred ....
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