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February 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Winnipeg Lifestyle Newborn Session

In home newborn sessions are one of my favorite kinds of sessions. Everyone is relaxed and comfortable in their own environment. We get to visit and chat while I document you and your love for this new little being. No pressure. No having to go anywhere. Real, cuddly, squishy, awesome life just as it is.  

I have known this handsome little mans mama for quite a while now. She was actually one of my mydwives with my youngest son, and has since become a friend. I was lucky enough to do some maternity photos for them when they were ready to announce that this little bundle was on the way and I was grateful to be invited back to capture all the squishy wrinklyness that is this new little person! 

I was instantly smitten with him, as are all who cross his path. He's a very alert and inquisitive little guy who loves to eat and be cuddled by his mama. I will apologize in advance if his cuteness makes your ovaries scream at you... I know mine sure did. His mama even let me steal a snuggle while I was there! 

There you go! Enjoy that bit of cuteness. I hope it brightens your day!

Cheers friends!



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