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Winnipeg Family Photographer takes a trip to the "Hi Neighbour" Festival

*Welcome to Transcona!*

You see those signs whenever you enter my neighborhood. You see, Transcona is a part of Winnipeg that's basically self contained. Once you're here, you don't really need to leave. My friends whom almost all live in other areas of the city always joke that they're leaving Winnipeg when they're coming to see me becuse I'm so far away and Transcona is so unique. It's the "Park City".

One of the many great things about my little section of Winnipeg is the "Hi Neighbour" festival. It's something we look forward to every summer, and even more so now that my kids are a bit older. It's a long standing tradition for most of us transconians, and Winnipeggers from across the city will come to our neck of the woods to enjoy the festivities. 

While we eagerly await this year's Hi Neighbour festival (Which will be June 1-3, in case you're wondering), I will share with you our adventures from last year, starting with watching the parade...

And of course, my nephew being my nephew, and Opa basically letting him do whatever he wants, my nephew decided that he wanted to be part of the parade. Luckily for us, Transconians are amazing and cheered him on the whole way! My mom even stole my camera so I managed to get on a couple of rides and make it into a shot or 2! So if you look at the image above here, it's ME! 


And after a busy day enjoying all the sights, sounds, rides & treats, everyone was starting to run out of steam... 

And even though no one was ready to leave yet, because let's be honest, when are 2 & 4 year old's ever ready to leave anywhere fun, we compromised (ok, ok, I bribed them with...) on one last ride on the cars, followed by slurpees.
After a long day of sunshine and chaos, it's no surprise that these 2 didn't even make it 4 sips into their slurpees or the 3 minute walk to the car...

Hi Neighbour is something we look forward to every single year. To us it feels like it's the official launch of summer. It signifies the countdown until school is out. It means warmer weather and later days, and the beginning of summer shinanigans. 

If you see us this year, come say hi! We look forward to seeing all of your faces.

I may even open up a "Hi Neighbour" session or 2, if anyone is interested! Get in touch asap (click here to do so), as the festival is only 3 days, and I will be there with my own kiddos one of those days. 

Cheers friends, and thanks for being here!


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Dear Talia │ A Winnipeg Birth Story │ aliciaTphoto The Winnipeg Women's Hospital Birth of Talia

Dear Talia,

I have known your mom for a while now. Going on about 4 or 5 years. She and I met when I would pick up pictures from the photo lab in Costco. I ordered and picked up prints so often that I eventually got a job there and she and I worked together until my littlest kiddo was a year and a half old.

We worked together during my pregnancy with my second baby and I remember chatting with her about it often. She would feel my belly when my baby was moving and we talked about all things birth and baby and parenthood. I remember, even then, how interested in it all she was. She wanted to know everything and I could tell that some day she wanted to be a mom.

Well, fast forward a couple of years and there I was, back at Costco picking up pictures and your momma, beaming from ear to ear, ran around the counter to hug me and whispered the sweetest secret in my ear... that you were on your way! It was very hard for me to contain my excitement in that moment. Oh sweet Talia, I wish you could hear that whisper from your mom. I could already feel her immense love for you.

Your parents had planned on meeting you for the first time at the Birth Center here in Winnipeg but as with life, sometimes things don't go according to plan. You were very cozy in your mama's belly and came very close to being served a formal eviction notice. I was very relieved to hear that her waters had broken on their own and that, likely sooner than later, we would be meeting you. But you decided to remain warm and cozy in your momma's tummy and had no want of coming out. She laboured beautifully, with your daddy by her side attending her every need, for a long time. She is one of the strongest women I know and she worked so very hard to bring you earthside.

After many, many hours and a little bit of help, we finally got to see your beautiful and perfect face... I will let your pictures tell the rest;

Sweet, sweet Talia. I hope you can look back at your birth story and see how incredible and strong your Momma is, and how much your Daddy loves you both. I know that you are going to be just as strong and caring as your parents are. I am honoured I get to be part of your story and I am excited to watch you grow.

Welcome earthside beautiful girl. The world can be a pretty awesome place, and it's even better now that you're here!

With love,

Your birth photographer

**If you are interested in having your birth story documented, please don't hesitate to connect with me! I have a limited number of slots left for 2018 so get in touch soon to see if your date is still available!

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2017 │ Year End Highlight Reel │Winnipeg Family Photographer 2017... what a year

The highlights, from Winnipeg Family Photographer, aliciaTphoto


Winnipeg..... wow. What a year indeed. It was filled with both new and familiar faces, and many memories made and captured. More of you than ever have invited me into your lives and trusted me to come into your homes and capture your real and honest selves and I could not be happier or more grateful. The biggest compliment I could ever get from you are your referrals or you sending me pictures of your pictures on your walls. Thank you for this year.


I've also grown immensely in my craft. I invested some time in education and discovered and became involved with some incredible photography communities that have helped me learn and grow and see better. All of these amazing things will in turn help me to capture memories for myself and for you even better than before!




I teamed up with my dear friend Catherine from Catherine Brown Photography & Doula Care, for my annual mini session fundraiser for You Can't Spoil A Baby (<-- you can learn more about them by clicking there! They're an amazing project and I love that I'm able to support them this way!) and together we raised almost $500 to help their budget.





2017 was also the year that I got to cross one incredible thing of my personal bucket list. I had one of my day in the life sessions featured on Fearless and Framed. This is an achievement I'm very proud of, not only because it's been a personal goal of mine for almost 3 years, but also because the session they asked to feature is one that is very close to my heart.... [if you click on the image below it will take you to the feature article. If you click the collage below that you can see the original blog post]. Thank you M Family, for letting me share your story with the world!




This year also brought a pretty epic occasion to our family. I got to witness my Dad become a Canadian. After 40+ years living, working and raising a family in Canada, he never actually became a citizen until this year and I'm so very proud. [again, click the collage below to read the full blog post]




Our family also took our second trip to Holland together to visit my Oma and Opa and celebrate their 90th birthdays. We are so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to go overseas with our children and have them spend precious time with our European family not once, but twice in the past 3 years.





And while my rock'n'roll days are long over, I did get to attend a few amazing concerts & shows this year. For nostalgia sake, I even brought my camera to a couple including a fundraising show called the 90's tribute show and an incredible ode to a friend gone to soon, put together by my BFF.





I also had the humbling experience of being selected as one of the photographers for Beauty Revived's "50 Beautiful Children" campaign. If you don't know anything about Beauty Revived, it's a magazine and blog that showcases REAL beauty. The kind that comes from spreading love and kindness and showing inner strength and determination to overcome life's obstacles. I was so happy when my friend Dayna nominated her amazing daughter Belle, and allowed me the opportunity to share their story surrounding her brother's heart transplant and her advocacy for organ donation. You can read the full write up by clicking the picture below.




This past summer, my sons and I tried our hand at something new to us as well, and it was incredibly amazing, fascinating and rewarding. We began our journey raising butterflies. It all started with some cool looking caterpillars we found on our carrots in the garden... so we kept them, fed them, and watched them grow and transform into Eastern Black Swallowtail butterflies. From there I continued to research, and educate myself and discovered the current plight of the Monarch butterfly... and discovered that my dad has milkweed (the Monarch caterpillar's only food source) planted in his garden, and that those plants were covered in caterpillars, so we stole 5. Of those 5, we successfully released 4 and I'm so obsessed that I have my husband building me a butterfly house this winter and I'm already planning my butterfly garden with my milkweed seeds on standby waiting for germination. In all, we released 8 black swallowtails and 4 monarchs, and have about 15 swallowtails overwintering in our shed. Should be a colourful spring!





And now for my personal recap. I hope you enjoy scrolling through the wonderful year it was for my family.



And to cap it off, here are my top 20 personal favorite photos from 2017...

Friends, family, clients and fellow photographers.... There are no words for me to express how grateful I am for all the love and support I received from you all this year. Your faith in my abilities, your trust in my lens and your words of wisdom push me to grow and make sure that 2018 is even better! I'm excited to share it with you all.

Cheers friends.

And thank you.


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A Challenge │ The Documentary Movement │ Winnipeg Family Photographer  

A Challenge To The Documentary Movement

For those of you who don't know, I'm part of an incredible team of 5 photographers from around North America who run a group called "The Documentary Movement". We are over 2000 members strong and growing. We collaborate, network, brainstorm and grow together. It's an inspiring community and I'm so happy to be part of it!

A few weeks back, I challenged our amazing group to push themselves outside their comfort zones. With me being in the frozen north of Winnipeg, Canada, and us losing daylight at around 4pm, I thought "what better way to get people to step outside their comfort zones and learn or try something new, than to force them to shoot with almost no light...."

Challenge details: 7 days in a row, at 6:54pm, shot at 3200ISO, make 1 good picture of what you're doing (get it? 7,654,32[00],1... yea I did that...).

I thought it would be super cool to see what we were all up to at a specific time, but if you know me at all, you know I'm not a fan of rules so these weren't set in stone... basically just pick a specific time of day, and shoot at an ISO that's beyond your comfort level. 

And the results were incredible.

Both in terms of the photographs everyone created, the feedback and growth that was shared, and what people had to say about what they took away from our challenge. I'm excited to share some of them with you. I hope you will take a moment to feast your eyes on this awesomeness. It's an incredible collection and I'm humbled to put it all together. If you want to know more about the amazing artists featured here, click their name and it will take you to their website or social media page!


Adriana Silva

ISO 4000 1/160 f2.5 at 8:30PM

I learned that I could push my ISO much higher than I usually go for. I'm including routines that were missing on my memories. Grain... I love grain anyways!


Alexandra Bagley

28mm, f2.8, 1/160, ISO 6400


Cara Bettcher

6:54pm, ISO 3200, f2.0, 1/100

While I feel fairly confident working with low light situations (thank you birth photography), I sometimes forget that you can make even the lowest light unique and powerful. This challenge forced me to step outside my comfort zone of just getting a "safe shot" when light is lacking and to embrace it and use it to create something unique and fun.


Courtney Hupp

20mm, f/1.8, 1/100, ISO 8000

This challenge taught me 2 things 1. I really need to be more intentional about getting my hubby in the frame more. It's so important that my kids have these images of them with their dad. 2. It reminded how much I LOVE shooting indoors in terrible light, lol! 


Erika Kao

f/3.2, 1/250, ISO 8000

My 6-year-old creating art on my cast


Jenneve Robinson

ISO 25600 f/2 1/320s

We went exploring this past weekend in an old tunnel in and I've been nervous to try anything with an ISO this high but with the textures on the walls I thought that a high grainy look would possibly look really interesting. I love how this turned out!


Jennifer Blake

 ISO 3200, f1.4, 1/200, 6:43pm
I learned that artificial light doesn't always have to be ugly and I can play with it and get an interesting shot. I can give myself permission to shoot in less than ideal situations and not miss out on moments.


Jessica Hachey

8:18 pm at ISO 12800. Ap 3.5, SS 1/200 

So, here is my favourite for the week of the challenge. My take away was...experiement! I tried really slow shutter speeds, shooting all the way open and cranking up my ISO. The challenge forced me out of my comfort zone...and now my comfort zone is a little bit bigger.


Karah Mew

ISO 12800 F2 1/125

ISO ... the most scariest dial in my camera- or so I thought! 
During the challenge week I got to photograph a birth and wow what an experience. It pushed me with regards to my image making and camera settings. 
It taught me a few things
1) Photo quality isn't always paramount to making a photo
2) Embracing the grain is good for creative freedom
3) Clients often do not care - they see the emotion not the noise. 


Kathleen White

 f1.8, 1/160, ISO 3200 7:04pm
Stalling before bedtime, but I'm in love with those perfect little eyelashes. There is something about this picture that makes me want him to stay little now more than ever before.
Also can I just say how much I loved this challenge. It completely pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me see light in new ways. And it was nice to have some of these nighttime memories captured even through the chaos, when I wouldn't normally be taking pictures!


Koren Smith

ISO 3200 1/400 f/2.8 with 28mm

This challenge really pushed me out of my comfort zone. It gave me the ability to play with lighting more and taught me that grain can't ruin a great photo but it can add to the feel.


Lisa Robinson-Howler

 ISO 8000 1/320 f 2.2

Taken at 9:43 p.m. I learned from this challenge to take the photos I want, when I want, no matter the ISO because in the long run the memories are way more important than the grain. 


Lori Hancock McCurdy

F1.8 ISO 10,000
When your husband sits down to play the piano and sing and you think it's still so cool after 26 years. 
And you want to make a picture of it. 
And then your daughter decides to dance. 
But it's almost completely dark. 
And then he laughs at you trying to make a picture in the dark. 
But in the end you make the picture that means so much to your heart ❤️


Nikki Gould

8:54 pm ISO 6400 16 mm f2.8 1/250

I'm not afraid of taking photos in less than ideal lighting. It's something I've been working on, knowing that I do sessions in homes and I'm not always guaranteed outside light coming in through the windows. This challenge certainly helped me push myself and watch for the lighting that I needed to achieve the photos that I took, and to push my camera to the extremes. Luckily my kids provide plenty of entertainment when it comes to getting ready for bed.


Summer Foytik

ISO 10000 F/1.4 1/200 with my 35mm

This challenge made me realize I have been missing so many amazing things because I assume it is too dark to shoot. It also made me realize I don't ever pull my camera out during the chaos that ensues during bedtime. I know these are some of things I will miss most when my kids are grown and I'm incredibly grateful to have stopped and taken the time to capture the beauty in our monotony. 


Tara Lynn Geldart

Iso 10,000 1/320 f3.5 @6pm

We waited all day to decorate this tree. I was going to move it into the living room to get better light but it was still too dark. I was pretty bummed and almost didn't take my camera out because I couldn't make my "vision" work. Instead I bumped the iso and waited for the shot I wanted!


Tasha Carbaugh Hicks

ISO 10000 F1.8 1/125 with my 35mm

This challenge made me realize you don't need perfect light or "good light" to make pictures that mean something or that have emotion.


And finally, here's a few from me. While shooting at higher ISO isn't something that scared me, it was nice to push it to it's limits. To better learn the limits of my gear. And to consciously think about taking a photo at a specific time for a week. It was also amazing to see how our community came together to help one another work past the obstacles one encounters when shooting in low light (both mental blocks and technical issues). It was wonderful to hear over and over again how fulfilled people were just from trying something new.

6:53pm, 3200ISO, f1.8, 1/400


6:34pm, ISO5000, f1.8, 1/200

6:52pm, ISO3200, f1.8, 1/200


6:50pm, ISO3200, f2.2, 1/250


Thank you all so much for participating!

And thank you to all my readers who enjoyed this eye candy to the end!

Cheers friends, and thanks for being here.








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an ode to the pool guy │ a small business tale │ winnipeg documentary photographer │ aliciaTphoto An ode to the pool guy │ aliciaTphoto

Dear husband

This season of our life is hard.

It's draining, both emotionally and physically.

It's stressful for our family.

We miss you.

But I don't have the words to properly express how grateful we are for all that you do. For how hard you work.  Being by your side and watching you and your partner build and grow your now thriving business from the ground up over the last 3 years has been nothing short of inspiring and it pushes me to do better for myself and for my dear and precious clients.

I remember that day, last summer, that I followed you to work for a day. We put our kids in daycare for the day so I could tag along and see what you do, and so we could spend some much needed time together. And in true "me" fashion, I had my camera in tow so I could document some of your story. 

**For those of you who may not understand my reasons for wanting to go to work with my dear husband for a day, let me back up a little bit.... If you have a partner who works a seasonal job, you probably have a better idea of where we're coming from. My husband works (literally) non stop in the summer. Beginning some time in April, all the way through early November, he's up and out the door before 7am, and he is rarely home before bed time. 7 days a week, with the sole exception of holidays (and even then he's out the door if something is on fire). It means we don't get to see him all that much. It means we miss mothers day, fathers day, half our families birthdays, park days, beach days, bbq days... we miss out on a lot of precious summer family time. And then on the days he has off, he's still busy... trying to help me get a head start on the next week. Maintaining things around our home that are beyond my skill set (you should ask him about our front hedge that one time I tried to trim it and it ended up with a mowhawk because I couldnt reach the top... ) and trying to squeeze an adventure with our boys in there too, when I'm sure all his body is screaming for is sleep and food.**

I'm excited to share a bit of your story with the world my love.

So, here's a "day in the life of the pool guy".

I'm happy I got to tag along with you. I'm happy you are so proud of what you do that you wanted to share it with me. Even though I think it will be a while yet before I understand all your terminologies or technical terms, it was really wonderful to see what you do. 

The even better part of this day with you is that it was just a maintenance day and there were no fires to put out, which means it was a shorter day and we got to finish the day with some well deserved family time. 


But in true entrepreneur fashion, the work never ends....

I love you with all of my heart.

And I'm proud of you.

With love, your camera toting, storytelling, life documenting wife.


**if you're interested in having your small business story told, I'd love to help you out! Please get in touch!

***if you happen to be in need of a hard working (dare I say, handsome) team of pool guys to help you out with repairs, service or maintenance, you can find NeverGreen Pool Care by clicking HERE


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Welcome Home V │ a documentary newborn session │ Winnipeg newborn photographer │ aliciaTphoto As soon as I spoke to Allie on the phone.... I knew she was my people. She happened across my website, poked around, and decided to call me to set up some relaxed newborn photos with her second daughter. We chatted for a bit and got everything set up and when the day came, I was welcomed into their home with big open arms.

You know what I mean when you meet someone new and it feels like you've known them forever... that's exactly how this session went down. I had such a wonderful time playing with their oldest daughter, chatting with mom and dad, and getting to meet sweet baby V. We all became fast friends, and it's been wonderful keeping in touch and watching them grow as a family of 4!

ROCK ON LITTLE ONE! We are meant to be friends! Miss J was so proud to show off her baby sister to me.  After a while, J had to take Daddy downstairs. Daddy needed to get his guitar. Something we do in our family as well. It's so wonderful to see another family share their love of music, and it's always a favorite thing of mine to capture!

Sweet V, you are part of an amazing family that is filled with so much love. Thank you Allie, for finding me. I am so looking forward to watching your girls grow, and to the many more play dates and splash pad adventures I see in our future!

Cheers friends, thanks for stopping by today!



**if you're looking for a relaxed newborn session in the comfort of your own home, feel free to get in touch! I'd love to connect with you and show you that your photographs can preserve so much more than just what you look like!

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Dear Rowan │ A Winnipeg birth-day story │ Winnipeg Birth Photographer │ aliciaTphoto The Winnipeg Birth Center birth of Rowan

Dear Rowan,

I met your mom a year and a half ago or so, at a rally to support our Manitoba midwives. See, she and I share this common love for midwifery, and a passion for growing awareness surrounding midwifery care in our province. Since that first meeting, she was at every rally I was. It was fun to watch your big sister grow, and I was honoured to fight for our midwives alongside her and your mom.

Fast forward a year(ish), and your mom told me she was expecting! I was so incredibly happy for her! When she asked me if I would be able to document your arrival, I was both incredibly humbled and tiny bit worried. See, we had already planned a trip overseas to visit my grandparents for their 90th birthdays. You were "due" a week after we got back, but I was still worried you would come early and I would miss it.... so I teamed up with my dear friend and fellow birth photographer, Catherine Brown Birth Photography and Doula services, and together, we made sure that we would be able to take care of your mom and dad no matter what. Your parents were so excited you were coming. During our meetings she would talk to us about how she was feeling, how your sister was doing, how she was both excited and nervous about becoming a mama again. 

My adventure overseas came and went... and when we got home on June 30th, I must say that I was happy and grateful that you waited for me. I talked with your mom every other day once we got home, to see how you were both doing and asking how she was feeling. She was most definitely ready to meet you...

In the early morning hours of July 3rd (a Monday), I got a message from your mom saying that she thought her waters had broken and that today might be the day! She had called her midwife to check in, got checked out and since it was still early, went back to sleep for a bit. 

Later that morning, with your big sister happily with Grandma, off to the Birth Center you all went. Your mom and Dad kept me in the loop throughout the afternoon. Her surges were becoming stronger and closer together and she was  ready to be admitted by her midwife to the Birth Center. Today was for sure the day! Everyone was excited and SO ready!

Once everyone was settled in, I got the invite to join your birth day party. When I arrived shortly after 2pm, your Mom and Dad were in the tub working through her surges together, with the tender and skilled hands of Jenna from Equilibrium Massage Therapy and Wellness Center, your doula close by. Your mama was so incredibly strong, and your dad was so in tune with what she needed. He was the most wonderful support. I could feel the love radiating off of him. It brought me to tears.

I will let your birth day images tell the rest...

Your Grandma called while your mom was working on bringing you earthside, to see how she was doing and let your mom and dad know how your big sister was doing. She was also very excited for your upcoming arrival!

After some good pushes, at 6:40pm on July 3rd, there you were. You were big and beautiful and perfect, and covered in birthday frosting. You daddy caught you and seeing the love in his eyes when he saw you and held you for the first time, and passed you over to your mom melted me to my core.  And a bit of a funny story for you.... you had a big, thick umbilical cord.... so when your Mom asked if you were a boy or a girl, your cord was in the way and your Dad mistakenly thought you were a boy. Upon checking again, he determined that you were in fact a girl. He was the proud dad of 2 daughters. The moments above are when he reassessed and had to amend which sex you were... there was not a dry eye in the house! It was priceless. Your doula was an incredible part of your birth team. This is the second time I have had the honour of watching the Equilibrium team support a birthing family, and I must say, I'm sad that I didn't know about them when I had my babies. Jenna was such a wonderful support to your parents, and shared in their excitement and joy every step of the way. I know how excited she will also be, to watch you grow!

Once you were settled and cozy for your first nursing session with your mama, everyone relaxed and enjoyed the calmness and quiet while we waited for your big sister to arrive to meet you. 

Your big sister was already such a big help to your mama within minutes of meeting you. I know that you will have someone to watch over you and help you navigate this big wide world for the rest of time. And speaking as a big sister myself, you will have a friend and confidant for life. 

Your mama worked so hard to bring you earthside, and as soon as you were born, her midwives said to her "well now we know why you had to work so hard!". You were a big girl... but no one was sure just how big you were. This was the face your mama made when her midwifery team told her that you were 10lbs 10oz. The size of a 3 month old. Your mama rocked it!

And here is where I leave you. A new and perfect family of 4. When ever I take my leave from birth spaces, I always ask mama if there is any other photos she wants me to capture before I go, and this time was no different. And I was brought to tears (again!) at your moms request for one final image.... She wanted a photo with me....

Rowan, your birth day story is truly incredible. I am so honoured that your parents asked me to be a part of it. You were born into a room that was bubbling over with love and I know that it will follow you through out your life. I hope that you can look back through these images and that they become a talisman for how much love has enveloped you from the very beginning. 

With love, your birth photographer

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A Morning With The M's │ Celebrating CP Awareness │ Winnipeg Family Photographer │ aliciaTphoto A Morning in the life of the M's

as documented by Winnipeg family photojournalist aliciaTphoto

It's become a tradition that every year on Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day (March 25th), I document a half day in the life of the M family. Their oldest son has severe Cerebral Palsy, and they see it as a way to spread awareness and acceptance to typical families, and a message of hope to those facing a similar situation. This family is extra close to my heart, as Mama M is my little sister. She is a warrior mama like no one I've ever met before, and I am so incredibly humbled every time I get to witness her strength and devotion to her amazing family.

The kind of cerebral palsy my nephew has is called "spastic, dyskinetic quad cerebral palsy". What that means is he has global damage to his brain which causes many uncontrolled movements, and all 4 limbs of his body, as well as his neck and trunk are affected. He is non mobile and non verbal, technically, but you better believe this incredibly smart kid will make what he wants known, and thanks to incredible technology he's actually pretty mobile with the help of specialized equipment. Their family dynamics may look a little different than most of ours, (with tube feeds, meds, therapies, Dr appointments and everything that comes with being a special family), but the love and nurturing, support and caring, the sibling fights and love (my nephew will regularly try to run over his sister with his walker), are all the same. I invite you into a morning with the M's. Share in their joy, their frustration, and the undeniable beauty of their every day.

He asked if he could sit with me for a bit. This Auntie was happy to oblige and very grateful my sister wasn't scared to grab my camera. After all, I am a part of this story too!! Another incredible piece of technology out there is something called an "eye-gaze". It's an attachment and software for a tablet that my nephew can control with his eyes. He uses it a lot in school so that he can actively participate in his classes and communicate with his peers. He's a stubborn little stinker though, and thus far refuses to use it at home, because at home are the people that are capable of understanding him without it. The mandatory "Wear GREEN for CP awareness" selfie!! I took one with my kiddos when I got home too! Flipping pages of cookbooks is one of his favorite things to do! Also the morning check in with Nana and Opa via skype to remind them to wear their green shirts today! When our friend Heather arrives for the day to play, that's pretty exciting stuff! Respite workers have been such a blessing to my sisters family, and to have found some wonderful ones is nothing short of amazing. While Caleb has a few respite workers, a couple of them have essentially become a part of our family! And just like that, it was lunch time and time for me to go. Time for me to head back to my own chaos.

Thank you friends, for sharing in this beautiful every day story. And I hope that next year on Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day, you will join us and wear a green shirt, and show your support! 

Cheers friends!


**If you have questions about having YOUR every day story captured, please don't hesitate to get in touch! All half and full "day in the life" sessions come with a 10x8 hardcover photo book of your story. You can contact me by clicking HERE any time! I look forward to showing you that wall worthy moments happen every single day, if you take the time to look for them....

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100 days of summer │ 25 ideas for your summer story │ winnipeg family photographer │ aliciaTphoto 25 ideas for your summer story!

100 days of summer announcement

SUMMER! She's finally here. To be outside and feel the sun on my cheeks is a beautifully glorious thing. Winters here are so long, I spend a lot of it daydreaming about all the super fun and amazing adventures we will take once it warms up outside. The park, the splash pad, sailing with my parents, BBQing with friends.... and ALL of the popsicles! 

I always get extra excited to document our summer adventures because, especially towards the end of winter, our days feel so mundane. So repetitive. Like how many times can I document my kids doing the exact same things day in and day out and keep it interesting..... my 365 project has been pushing me that's for sure, but now I'm excited to get extra creative again!

In honour of our short, yet amazing prairie summers, I'm doing something crazy. Like, you'd be silly not to take me up on it kind of crazy. For 100 (yes, ONE HUNDRED) days, I'm offering 90 minute summer story sessions. These sessions will include your best images in an online gallery for you to download from, print and share, and it will also come with a 7in x7in hardcover mini album of your summer adventure. Yep. You read that right. You get a wonderful little album of your story! Why? Because I want you to have a tangible memory from your summer day to hold in your hands. I want you to have an amazing piece of your story, ready and waiting for you to flip through during the long winter months. I want those pages to pull you in and remind you that summer is never far away, all you need to do is look through your story and the images that are kept in there will warm your soul and bring you back to when it was warm outside too! 

Here are 25 amazing things you can do this summer, that would compliment this crazy summer promo:

1) Family and/or friends BBQ

2) Family picnic

3) A trip to the splash pad

4) A trip to the park

5) Playing in the sprinkler

6) A trip to the zoo

7) A visit to the grandparents house

8) A trip to the dog park

9) Going for ice cream

10) Bonfires & Smores

11) An adventure to tinker town

12) Puddle jumping

13) Playing in the rain

14) Exploring the forks

15) The farmers market

16) Water balloon fight

17) A trip to the beach

18) Going to the greenhouse or garden center

19) Planting a garden

20) Going strawberry picking

21) An outdoor carnival or street festival 

22) Bubbles. All of them.

23) Decorating your neighbourhood streets with sidewalk chalk

24) A pool party

25) Hanging out at home, enjoying your comfortable space and relaxing as a family.

So there you have it friends! If you have other amazing summer ideas, please share them in the comments! I'd love to hear, and maybe even add a thing or 3 to my own summer bucket list! 

This session promo is on from May 29th through September 5th! Looking forward to making some amazing summer memories with you all! To book yours, or if you have any questions, you can contact me HERE!

Cheers friends!



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Finding the [Canadian] Life │Volume 4 │ aliciaTphoto │Winnipeg Family Photojournalist To be Canadian

Finding the life, Volume 4. A special edition.

On April 27th, 2017 something epic happened. After 44 years in Canada, as a landed immigrant turned permanent resident, my dear father took his oath of Canadian Citizenship. In his words, he kind of did things backwards. 

"While for most who took the Oath of Citizenship along with me, it was the start of a new and exciting endeavor, I did it a bit backwards.

For more than 40 years, I have lived in Canada as a landed immigrant, building a career here, married a beautiful Canadian woman, raised 2 fabulous daughters, took part in all aspects of Canadian society and Canadian living, and only then became a citizen myself.

So, actually I see this ceremony as a reward at the finish line after a long and good race. One of which I am very proud of." -Alfred J.

My day started with loading up my crazies and taking them to daycare, because there is no way on this earth that they would have sat through this ceremony. I am super lucky to have a casual daycare that welcomes my boys with such open and loving arms. 

After kiddos were happily at daycare (they didn't even say bye to me... they were excited. I think they may be sick of me) I was off to have my winter tires swapped off my van and enjoy a hot coffee in peace before heading off to my dad's ceremony.

**side note** When I became a mini van mom, someone jokingly asked me when I was going to get a stick family as a bumper sticker. This was my compromise. Win.

And off I go! 

It was so incredibly wonderful that so many of my dads long time friends were there to support him along with my mom, sister and I. 

Taking the Oath of Citizenship!

Receiving his citizenship certificate! The judge asked him who his cheering section was... apparently we were pretty rowdy in our excitement...

A very happy and proud new Canadian, rushing to greet his wife, family and friends! I even handed off my camera so that I could get in at least one frame!

And now off to the forks to enjoy a celebratory beer!

And after our quick celebration beverage, it was time to run to sort out dinner and pick up children...

Someone was not ready to come home....

And home we came. To pizza and a lonely puppy.

Thanks for sharing in our joy. This truly was an incredible experience and I am so proud that my Dad can now count himself among Canadians. To all our friends and family that came out to celebrate this day with us, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support. 

Dad, I am so happy you chose to come here. I am so grateful you decided to explore our big wide world and settle down and create the amazing life we've all shared (I wouldn't be here had you not). Canada is lucky to have a man like you in her midst, and I am so very proud and honoured to call you Daddy. 

Love to you all! Cheers friends!


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I Am Beauty Revived │ Nominate A Beautiful Child │ Winnipeg Family Photographer │ aliciaTphoto Winnipeg Family Photographer aliciaTphoto, is taking nominations for the Beauty Revived "50 Beautiful Children" campaign.

What is real beauty? Who gets to decide who or what is beautiful?

Well in this case, I do. Want the scoop?? Read on!

As part of Beauty Revived, a photography movement, I am accepting nominations for beautiful children right here in Winnipeg (or willing to travel to...) to be featured in an international magazine that celebrates REAL beauty! The kind that goes beyond skin deep.

The beauty of these kids will not be measured by their looks.  No way. My selected kiddo will be chosen because of their passion, their courage, their inner strength and their want of giving back to their community.  The child chosen through the nomination process will be gifted a FREE session with myself, and a feature in the Real Beautiful Children’s issue of Beauty Revived magazine.

Hundreds of photographers applied to be a part of the Beauty Revived, 50 Beautiful Children campaign and I was chosen to find a deserving kiddo whose story needs to be shared! How cool is that??!

I will be accepting nominations from today, through Sunday May 7th, 2017 (nominations close at 11:59pm on May 7th) and I will then be tasked with the impossible.... choosing only one whose story will be shared with the world!!


A bit more about Beauty Revived:

Beauty Revived was founded two years ago as a way for photographers to use their lens for good, and shine light on the real beauty that happens within our communities.  In the last year and a half, more than 500 women and children have been featured on their website and in their print magazine.

 “The photographers who participate in our campaigns not only have great technical and artistic talent but also have big hearts and a desire to be more than just a picture taker.  They want to be a photographer who changes the world with their work,” says Michelle Gifford, Beauty Revived founder.

If you want more information about Beauty Revived, please head on over to their website .



Now the fun part! Have a kiddo in mind who fits the bill??? An inspiring child who's passion will change the world? A determined fighter who has overcome all the odds? Nominate them by clicking over to the nomination form

right HERE!

The nominated child can be between 1 year old and 17 years old. You will need the contact information for their legal guardian to complete the nomination form. If information is inaccurate or missing, unfortunately the nomination will be void. Nominations are open to residents of Manitoba only. The session will take place in Winnipeg, so feel free to nominate a child from another community in Manitoba, but they must be willing to travel to Winnipeg. Session must take place PRIOR TO June 15th 2017.


If you have any questions regarding this project, please feel free to connect with me. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have! 

Cheers friends! I'm SO looking forward to getting to know some of the amazing kids in our community!



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Finding the Life │ Volume 3 │ aliciaTphoto │ Winnipeg family Photojournalist A Day in the life of a Winnipeg Family Photographer

Finding the Life │ Volume 3

So here we are.... it's April as I'm writing this, and I barely squeaked in my personal Day in the Life session for March... I had all these grand plans to borrow my dad's 1970's film camera and brush up on my actual film shooting capabilities since I'm pretty sure it's been half a decade since I last shot a roll of film... but alas life happens and things rarely go according to plan.... my poor big guy was sick for a good chunk of the month, plus the weather was sloppy and melty and messy. But there's always next month. I'm saying out loud that this is my eventual plan, so that you all (and myself) hold me accountable lol.

We are enjoying the last few weekends we have with Daddy still around. His phone is already going near non stop with people asking to book their pool openings with him... (hey Winnipeg, it's barely April remember. You're not supposed to take my husband from me until at least the end of this month). Anyhow, it was a fairly typical spring day.... but it started with my dear husband letting me sleep in..... (did I mention I love him??)

And the usual weekend morning cartoons in the hopes that Mom & Dad can drink at least their first coffee of the day while it's still hot.

A little someone decided to raid the fridge while Daddy and I were enjoying our coffee..... so we decided instead of wasting the egg, it would be a french toast kind of morning.

After breakfast, the wild things decided to do what wild things do best, so we deemed it necessary to get them outside for as much time as possible.

Waiting for everyone to be ready is hard......

Walks also take FOREVER because this guy must stop and stomp in Every. Single. Puddle. For the entire walk....

And pick up and show you every rock he finds along the way. I regularly find them in the bottom of my washing machine if I make the mistake of forgetting to check pockets before starting load number 7'346 of this week.

Then it was time to head in to put some tunes on, make lunch, and warm up.

Apparently this one was a) unenthused by having to come inside or b) not a fan of big brothers music selection

Even with your dissatisfaction with brothers taste in music, when Daddy asks if you want to play dinosaurs with him, you dry your eyes and find your dino.

Lunch is followed by more music, and a quick inventory of our crawlspace before free giveaway weekend.... (for those of you not from Winnipeg, twice a year we have a giveaway weekend, where you put unwanted/unused furniture and household items on the curb, and people come take what ever they want.... works for me) Also, I have no clue how we ended up with so much stuff... no, I do know. We had a bunch from our old house that didn't work in this house, and the previous owners of our current house left most of their furniture behind... I'm honestly excited to purge a lot of it.

Old relics were also resurrected from their banishment to the crawlspace!

and then it was nap time. and grown-up beverage/editing time for me... (it was post noon, don't judge me :P )

and since the sun was still shining and it was a beautiful day, back outside we went until dinner time.

My little is always saying "hannn mama. hannn mama. i gattchew. we go" (Q speak for, hand mama, I got you. Let's go)

picking moss out of the patio to take inside and look at under his microscope.


We had just enough time to finish our burgers before it was time for jammies and a Skype date with Grandma and Grandpa (who live 2500kms away). And whenever we Skype with Grandma and Grandpa, we must show them things.

Show them ALL of the things.

Including our improved drawing skills.

And, as per usual, this is the part of my own story that gets fuzzy or is entirely missing. Bed time routines are very momma hands on so I don't get the opportunity to document much. I wonder if my camera does time lapse photos.... I should look into that.

Anyhow, this handsome, amazing man and I capped off our day with our first bonfire of the season. In a yard that's still half snow covered and smells like a swamp.... but hey, who doesn't love a good bonfire after a beautiful day.

Thank you, yet again for sharing in my day with me friends. I hope you enjoyed and I hope that I'm helping to convince you that there is beauty to be found in every single day. You just have to take the time to see it.

Head on over to Alaina Nunez's beautiful blog and follow her along in a typical Friday in her life!

Remember friends, real is the new perfect and our lives are wonderful in their chaos. 

Cheers friends!


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Family Photojournalism │ Your questions answered │ Winnipeg Family Photojournalist │ aliciaTphoto A new approach to family photography in Winnipeg

Some answers to frequently asked questions about the documentary approach to your family photographs

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" ~ Dr. Seuss

These words ring true. They ring true for all of us on some level. There are some details of our lives that are not but fuzzy memories now. Case in point, my nursing journey with not one, but both my children. It feels like a lifetime ago. I can barely remember it already. And all I have from my nursing journey with my oldest is 1 image a dear friend took for me when he was 3 weeks old, and like 3 selfies. How I look back and long to have that amazing relationship we had captured with more than my cell phone. I would give almost anything to go back in time and explain to myself how valuable those images would be to me 4 years later. And, being a photographer and all, you think I would have learned my lesson the first time around... but the same holds true for my youngest. With him I have 3 nursing photos.... other than cell phone ones.

So here's the down-low friends. Here are some frequently asked questions about family photojournalism and documentary style family photos. Once you've read through it, ask yourself what YOU will want to remember 4 years down the road. 10 years. 50 years. 

What on earth is "Family Photojournalism"?

Family Photojournalism is exactly what it sounds like. You hear of news photojournalists and street photographers documenting things as they are, from their perspective. My goal when using a photojournalistic approach with your family is to capture the essence of WHO you really are, as a unit as well as individuals at this particular stage in your journey. To capture true family connections and to create images that will trigger memories for you. Images that will grab your soul and bring you back in time. 


What is the difference between lifestyle and documentary/storytelling?

When you hear of lifestyle photography, you think of family portraits that are more laid back than your typical formal portrait. There will likely be some guidance from your photographer on where to sit, how to position yourselves and what to do to create the image you and your photographer want. It will happen in a predetermined location, maybe with you all in coordinated outfits, and it will take place at a specific time of day so you have the prettiest light, and the best backdrops to work with.

With documentary photography, there is none of this. There's no posing. There's no "re-do's". There's no staging. It's all about comfortable, genuine moments that happen organically in your own home or out and about doing the regular activities you do. These images will tell the story of who you are as a family. There's no pressure to behave a certain way or dress a certain way. There's no fancy (and let's be honest, a little intimidating) studio lights. These types of sessions are all about your story and capturing your most honest and truest selves, in your own environment.

Let's be real here for a moment, shall we? I'm not here to convince you that one is better than the other. They are both equally amazing photography experiences in their own right. It's like comparing apples and oranges... sure they're both fruit, and they both grow on trees.... but that's about all they have in common. But that doesn't mean they aren't both tasty! You have to decide for yourself which appeals most to you at this stage in your life! 

All the photos hanging in my home are posed. Can I even hang candid photos on my walls...?

The short answer..... ABSOLUTELY! My own walls are covered with the candid moments of our lives, and I've had many a past client from both documentary sessions as well as lifestyle sessions tell me that the candid moments always make it onto their walls because those are the ones that pull them in. Those are the images they can most relate to. 

We are soooooo boring. You would have nothing to photograph!

So you think! I have yet to encounter a "boring" family. Your day may feel or seem boring to you, because you live it every. single. day. Sometimes all it takes is an outside perspective to remind you that your unique story is perfect and beautiful simply because it's yours. And remember, I will likely see things that you might miss on a daily basis... not because you're not watching for them, but because (as mentioned before) sometimes it takes an outside perspective.


My house is messy. There's no way I'd want a session here.

Messy-shmessy. My house is rarely, if ever immaculate. Can you tell in most of my personal work? Not really. Because there are ways to document to draw a viewers focus a certain way. And if someone does happen to notice the basket of unfolded laundry beside the sofa or the dust bunnies in the corner (or the kitchen table that looks like a bomb went off on it and the counter full of last nights dishes.... *ahem*)? So what. It's easy to forget how chaotic life with small humans can be. It's all part of your story right now. 

Maybe we'll have a session once my house is organized/I lose 10lbs/my baby can walk/my kid grows some hair/*insert random honest hesitation or worry here*.....

All I will say on this point is that the days feel long, but the years are short.... this part of your journey will be over before you know it. Don't put it off.... I can also say with 100% certainty that your kids won't care whether or not your house was spotless or if you lost that 10lbs... what they will care about is that there are photos of them with their parents, living and loving.

You talk a lot about kids and families... Can I have a session like this if I don't have kids? What if it's just my partner and I?

Heck yea you can! These kinds of sessions generally appeal to young families most, however if you want to document you and your partners story, as you are right now... whether it will always be just the 2 of you, or you want to paint a picture of your life before you have kids, or you want to celebrate your love now that your nest is empty, these sessions are for anyone! 


If you've stuck with me this long, thank you! Thanks for taking a moment out of your day to hear me out. I hope this answers some of your questions. If you have others, post them in the comments! I will gladly answer them. I would love to know what, if anything, is holding you back from documenting your now. 

Remember friends, real is the new perfect. 



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that escalated quickly │ the art of mess making │ winnipeg family photojournalist │ aliciaTphoto Winnipeg real, everyday, beauty.

Why I document our every day messes and moments

I'm sure you've noticed by now, but I tend to take and share a LOT of images of my own family. Maybe too much. But, other than wanting these memories for myself, there's another big reason I share so much. I want you to get to know me. I want you to see that life isn't always nice shirts and clean houses and well behaved kids. Real life is messy. It's chaos. It's windows full of finger prints and a kitchen that's still a mess from last night's dinner that no one ate.

To me, photography is an incredibly powerful tool. My camera is a piece of machinery that I hold in my hand that I can use to stop time. I can freeze things the way they are, right now. In the midst of the busyness, the mess and the chaos I can hit pause, knowing that I can rewind to this moment of my life long after my kids are grown. It's pretty humbling.

So in honour of messes, and kids being their crazy nutcase selves, here is my little Picasso in action. It escalated very quickly. From the first frame you see to the last one, a whopping 18 minutes passed. But these are 18 minutes worth of memories that I have locked down in my personal vault, and you better believe one of them is being printed to hang on my wall. And I know that every time I look at it, I will remember my littlest saying (in his oh so cute toddler speak) "PAAAAYTE MAMA! Paaaaaaaayyyyyyyte" at 5pm... when I should have been starting to make dinner. Instead, they got to paint and I got to procrastinate from my mom duties for 18 minutes to capture the ridiculousness that ensued. Ok, longer than 18 minutes because, as you can see, there was a small amount of clean up required afterwards. Dinner was late. Our kitchen was a mess. I was left wishing my 2 year old would still fit in the sink for a sink bath... but that's life. And I want to remember it.

So here is my challenge to you: the next activity you do as a family, be it big or small, document it. With a *big* camera or your phone. Doesn't matter. Capture it. Lock in your memories. These days are fleeting. This I know, since the main character in this mini story is 2 and a half years old as of today. 2.5 years. I blinked. Or it feels like I did. But I know that I have albums and walls full of ordinary moments, just like this one that will take me back.

Cheers friends. Thanks for stopping by


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Dear Livvy │ a birth-day story │ Winnipeg Birth Photographer │ aliciaTphoto A Winnipeg Birth Story

Dear Alivia,

I remember when your momma got in touch with me. I remember thinking how honoured I felt, not only to be asked to document such a momentous occasion, but to be trusted by fellow photographers to do so. I had many chats with your parents leading up to your big day about all things birth, as well as adjusting to life with 2 kiddos, and of course geeking out a bit with the photography talk. Your mom and dad were SO excited to meet you.

Your mom was in pre-labour for weeks. At least it felt like weeks to me.... It probably felt much longer for her. Your big brother came early so I'm pretty sure she was convinced you would come early too. I think we were all hoping that you would be here before Christmas, but as with all the best things in life, they come when they're good and ready. And so we waited. And oh sweet girl, you were worth the wait. 

When your birth day finally came around, after a couple of false starts, I had been talking to your mama earlier in the day, just asking her how she was feeling and seeing where things were at. My usual check in every day or 2. She was telling me about her Dr appointment earlier that morning, and the most fabulous nap she'd had afterwards. We were both just settling into bed around 11pm and I got the message that her waters broke. It was go time, so I grabbed my gear and hit the road! 

A couple of stops later (a cup and straw for your mama and a coffee for me and your Daddy) and I arrived at the hospital. It was about 12:30 and your mama was still in triage, with your dad and her doula. I hung out in the lounge while your mom laboured with you in triage, waiting to be moved to a room. I wasn't allowed back there, but from what your Dad and doula told me, your mom was rocking it.

Shortly after 1am into a room we went. The room your mom and dad would get to meet you in. Your mama was labouring beautifully. She was so incredibly calm and strong as she worked through her surges, and your dad was never far away. I'll let the photos tell the rest...

At 3:23am, on Thursday December 29th you were welcomed earthside. All 7lbs 4oz of you. You were born into a room filled with love, strength and support. You were absolutely perfect. I think you felt the love because you were so calm and alert. Your beautiful wide eyes were taking it all in. One of the things about your birth story that sticks out most in my memory came after you were born. I was quietly observing your mom and dad, and your Daddy looked at you, then right at your mom and said "Wow. That was just as amazing as last time. You were amazing". He was filled with such awe and pride and incredible love for you both. It took my breath away. 

I hope that one day you can look back on your birth story and see how much you are loved, and see how much love has surrounded you from the very beginning. I am very much looking forward to watching you grow!

With love, your birth photographer. 


(aliciaTphoto) Birth Birth Becomes Her Birth Photographer Winnipeg Birth Photography Birth Without Fear Birth is Beautiful Canadian Birth Photographers Document life Family Photojournalism Family Photojournalist IAPBP International Association of Professional Birth Photographers Manitoba Winnipeg Winnipeg Birth Photography Winnipeg Documentary Photographer Winnipeg Family Photographer Winnipeg Family Photojournalist Winnipeg Lifestyle Photographer Winnipeg Photographer Winnipeg Storytelling Photographer aliciaTphoto Thu, 09 Mar 2017 18:39:54 GMT
Finding The Life │ Volume 2 │ aliciaTphoto │ family photojournalism Finding The Life │ Volume 2

a personal 12 month project

I honestly don't even know where to start with this day.... we are so over winter in my house. Everyone is tired. Everyone is stir crazy. We've all become pretty sedentary.... This is the point I break every winter. Around the end of February I'm just so over it. I want to be outside. I want to smell the rain. I want to feel the sunshine kissing my cheeks. But alas, we still have a month or 2 (or 3) to get through. Also, wishing for spring/summer is always bitter sweet.... yes we will get to be outside more. Yea we'll go on more great adventures instead of watching cartoons in our pj's all day... but it also means that Daddy is back to working crazy hours and we essentially won't see him again until the fall. 

This was my second attempt at my Day In the Life for this project... the first attempt, I never made it past lunch. Even this day isn't 100% complete. I mentioned this last time, but I will say it again; documenting my own family for an entire day is HARD! It's so hard to parent, be involved AND document. I don't get to go into full on photographer mode when I'm shooting my own family. I keep telling myself it will get easier the more I do it, and it likely will... but for now while I learn how to juggle all 3 of those tasks, you'll just have to bare with the missing bits. The bits where my kids had a meltdown in the van on the way to the store so I couldn't take a photo. Or while we were in the store and they decided to run away ( in opposite directions), so I couldn't take a photo. Or when the little one went for a nap and the big one and I ended up falling asleep on the couch together, so I didn't take a photo for 1.5 hours... yea, those things.

Anyhow, here is our day. An ordinary, boring, midwinter kind of day where we don't really do much... but hey, guess what? Even though to me our day felt uneventful and un-extarordinary, I know that I will still look back on these and smile because they're REAL. This is our reality right now and some day I may forget how much I enjoyed them being little, even on the bad days.

Early.... always always early.... and the little one points at the coffee pot as it chugs away saying (in his oh-so-cute toddler speak) "Mama! Mama! Kaw-pee! Mama kaw-pee!" [mama, coffee].

My good old girl waiting for the okay to initiate post kid eating clean-up . More coffee.... ALL THE COFFEE...

Even though it feels like we don't do much.... they still manage to destroy any room they're in for longer than 30 seconds.

Insert pre-grocery trip cuteness.... K wanted to wear his Batman cape to Safeway, so of course I have this image in my head of this cute little batman flying down an empty aisle in the grocery store... but yea, this image was quickly followed by the above mentioned melt down and kid scatter.... so my vision didn't come true. Ah well.

Clean up crew in action post lunch. She saves me so much floor cleaning since having kids.

Pillow forts are the best places to hid from Momma's camera. 

Also, this is where we insert the missing 1.5 hours that resulted from me falling asleep in the pillow fort with the big one.... it's so cozy in there it's hard not to fall asleep.

Post nap snacks and bed head in the case of the littler one....

And because you fall asleep on the couch, you realize that even though you were JUST at the grocery store, you forgot to take anything out of the freezer for dinner.

the thief in action. At least it's carrots he's stealing.

And then after feeding carrots to your dragon, he is abruptly abandoned on the kitchen floor when brother calls you away to play.

Kitchen dinner prep dance party fail. But I still kind of love it so I'm including it.

Followed by the trouble they get into when they think I'm busy... they get busted every time though.... so once that's cleaned up, it's time to distract the monsters while dinner is cooking and do something we don't do too often... jump on mom & dad's bed.

The bed jumping mission is never complete without one jumping on the other and some tears though.

Proost (cheers)

And then the Daddy monster arrives home from work. Just in time to wash stinky boys and read bed time stories.

And so ends Volume 2. Thanks for sharing in my story friends. Thanks for sticking with me. Next up in this beautiful blog circle is  Ashley Cooper of AshCooper Photography . Head on over HERE and check out her story and leave her some love!

This thing we call life is hard. But it's also full of beauty. Remember friends, real is the new perfect.

Cheers friends.


(aliciaTphoto) Birth Photographer Winnipeg Document life Family Photojournalism Family Photojournalist Manitoba Winnipeg Winnipeg Birth Photography Winnipeg Documentary Photographer Winnipeg Family Photographer Winnipeg Family Photojournalist Winnipeg Lifestyle Photographer Winnipeg Photographer Winnipeg Storytelling Photographer aliciaTphoto Sun, 26 Feb 2017 20:19:09 GMT
Mr TJ Cuteness │ lifestyle newborn │ aliciaTphoto │ family photojournalism Winnipeg Lifestyle Newborn Session

In home newborn sessions are one of my favorite kinds of sessions. Everyone is relaxed and comfortable in their own environment. We get to visit and chat while I document you and your love for this new little being. No pressure. No having to go anywhere. Real, cuddly, squishy, awesome life just as it is.  

I have known this handsome little mans mama for quite a while now. She was actually one of my mydwives with my youngest son, and has since become a friend. I was lucky enough to do some maternity photos for them when they were ready to announce that this little bundle was on the way and I was grateful to be invited back to capture all the squishy wrinklyness that is this new little person! 

I was instantly smitten with him, as are all who cross his path. He's a very alert and inquisitive little guy who loves to eat and be cuddled by his mama. I will apologize in advance if his cuteness makes your ovaries scream at you... I know mine sure did. His mama even let me steal a snuggle while I was there! 

There you go! Enjoy that bit of cuteness. I hope it brightens your day!

Cheers friends!


(aliciaTphoto) Birth Photographer Winnipeg Document life Family Photojournalism Family Photojournalist Manitoba Manitoba Midwives Support MB Midwives Winnipeg Winnipeg Documentary Photographer Winnipeg Family Photographer Winnipeg Family Photojournalist Winnipeg Lifestyle Photographer Winnipeg Photographer Winnipeg Storytelling Photographer aliciaTphoto Sat, 25 Feb 2017 21:00:54 GMT
Landen turns 1 │ Let's party │ family photojournalism │ aliciaTphoto Landen's 1st Birthday Party!

A little over a year and a half ago, when Nicole told me she was expecting her second baby, she asked me if I would be available to document her birth story. Unfortunately her EDD lined up with a trip my husband received through his work, and I didn't want to risk missing the big day so I shared a couple of other local birth photographer friends with her, and she connected with the amazing Megan Stoneman of Stoneman Photography! I was super sad to have to pass a dear friend to another photographer, but I knew she would be in good skilled hands... and it's a good thing I did because Landen came the very day my hubs and I left!

Fast forward one year.... 

When you hear of 1st birthday photos, you often think of cake smashes and fancy studio set ups. I've seen and done many of these, however my heart lies with the story! So when Nicole approached me about Landen's birthday photos she said she wanted to skip the formal photos this year in favour of having me present for his party! This is what I'm all about, so of course I was totally game. After all, I love a good party!

It was a beautiful January day. We'd been having a bit of a reprieve from the frostyness that is typical of Winnipeg this time of year, which was awesome because Nicole had an amazing party planned. There was a fire pit for making s'mores and roasting hotdogs. There is a skating rink right across the street from them. And there was a selection amazing home made soups and hot chocolate and coffee inside to enjoy and warm up with! What a party!

Also, Landen's cake was just spectacular. Dawn from Sunrise Mosaics made him the perfect "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" themed cake! It was so beautifully made that it was almost sad to see it cut up and served, but it tasted equally as good as it looked!

And just like that... his party was over and it was time for a snooze. I think everyone needed a snooze after all the excitement and delicious food. Thank you for inviting me into your home on such a special day! I have loved being able to watch your boys grow.

Happy Birthday Landen!

Cheers friends


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Oscar turns 1 │ Winnipeg Family Photojournalist │ aliciaTphoto 1 year ago, this amazing and happy little man came into the world. He was welcomed with so much love by his parents as well as our amazing Manitoba Midwives, at our beautiful Birth Center... so when his mama approached me about his first birthday photos, she said she wanted to do something a little bit different. When I hear this in regards to a session, my ears always perk up a bit more... I like different. I embrace new ideas. I love to stray away from what is considered to be a "normal" session. 

Though I didn't get to attend this little mans actual birth-day party, I got to be there with his mom & dad and the amazing midwife who helped him into the world while they got to celebrate him. Mom's idea was that we do his birthday session in the room he was born in. Um... HECK YEA! It was such a wonderful session! I got to hear Oscar's birth story. I got to watch his family reminisce over his and their achievements over the past year. I got to witness the amazing friendship that blossomed between this family and their midwife. I got to document how incredibly loved this little man is. Such a beautiful thing!

What an awesome idea for such an amazing milestone! Thank you for inviting me to document your love! I look forward to the next time our paths cross.


If you have a session idea you want to run past me, message me any time! I love "outside the box" and exploring new ideas for fun ways to preserve your memories!

Cheers friends, and happy Friday! 




(aliciaTphoto) Birth Birth Photographer Winnipeg Document life Family Photojournalism Family Photojournalist Manitoba Manitoba Midwives Support MB Midwives Winnipeg Winnipeg Birth Photography Winnipeg Documentary Photographer Winnipeg Family Photographer Winnipeg Family Photojournalist Winnipeg Lifestyle Photographer Winnipeg Photographer Winnipeg Storytelling Photographer aliciaTphoto Fri, 27 Jan 2017 21:00:00 GMT
Finding the Life │ Volume 1 │ family photojournalism │aliciatphoto Finding the Life │ Volume 1

a personal 12 month project

So this year is about both business and personal growth. You've probably seen some of my 365 project I'm working on. This year I have vowed to myself that I will see it through and finish it. I have attempted one on 2 other occasions and usually fell off the wagon somewhere around August. This year will be different. I can feel it.

I have also joined up with fellow lovers of every day stories, founded and run by the very talented "Victoria Anne - The Storytog". Victoria wanted to start a blog circle to push many of us to capture more of our own families and our own journeys and to help hold each other accountable for finishing it. Of course as soon as I heard about it, I signed up. This means that once a month for the next 12 months, you will see a day in my life. I invite you into my crazy hectic world to witness the joy and the chaos that is my every day. You will also see links to many other talented documentary photographers/bloggers at the end of each post. I highly recommend you check them out... We often fail to see the beauty in every day life... maybe seeing that all of our lives can be chaos as well will help you embrace the craziness that is your own.

You may be wondering why I'm doing this... Why I took on not one, but 2 (pretty intense) personal projects this year... One of the biggest and most important things that this is going to do that will benefit me, as well as YOU my dearest friends and clients, is it will help me hone my craft. It will push me and teach me to be a master moment seeker. It will allow me to perfect my skills in seeing the beauty in my own every day, which will in turn make me better at capturing yours, whether an average day or a major life milestone like the birth of your child. It was said to me when I was in school for photography that you need to log 10'000 hours at something to be considered an expert (this has since been debunked... but I'm rolling with it anyhow) and I'm well on my way. This will only get me closer. I hope that you will follow along and get to know me a bit better. That way, when we have a session together we'll feel like old friends! It's going to be awesome!

Our days have been pretty jam packed as of late with Daddy being on holidays for 3 weeks. It's not very often we have so much time together as a family (it has never in fact happened before) so we made the absolute most of it. We had big plans for this day and I decided that this would be the day to bust out my camera... but it feels like there are a few missing chunks in the story... it doesn't flow as nicely as I want it to... and as my dear [former] radio dj husband would say, "that segue ([ˈseːɡwe]): a smooth transition from one topic or section to the next) needs some work"... I also found out that it is really (and I mean REALLY) hard to photograph my own family, be present in the moment AND parent all at the same time, but I will only get better! Welcome to a day in our chaos friends! 

Our days start early.... I am lucky (not) to have early rising kids... I myself am not, nor have I ever been a morning person... this means that my mornings are filled with LOTS of coffee...

and mandatory checking of the weather network to get a rough idea of what we're in for for the day.

while we were having breakfast, my lilest one found the moon. He proceeded to point at it, point it out, and stare at it for a good 10 minutes in between bites. while the bigger one was finishing getting dressed, the littler one put his boots on and declared himself ready to go. Tears ensued when we informed him that his boots needed to come off so that we could get him dressed. first stop.... The Winnipeg Children's Museum!

one last time down the slide and it was time to go for lunch.... someone (not naming names... ↓↓↓↓) was not happy to have to leave.... and we were off to an amazing local brew-pub for some grown up refreshment and delicious lunch! If you have not yet had the chance to go to PEGbeer Co. yet, I highly HIGHLY recommend it... you will not be disappointed. You can check out their Facebook and follow their awesome craft brew lineups HERE. Lemons.... nuf said. The hugs from the head chef, who is a dear friend of ours, aren't bad either ;) Or when you live in the bigger one's world... hugs for everyone, including momma's former co-worker. The squeezy, tackley kind that knock you over if you're not prepared for them... We had plans of going for a walk after nap time since it was so gorgeous outside... but our morning/afternoon ran late... which messed with nap schedules... which means both kids KO'd on the drive home and we never got the littler one back down, so he was a grump for the majority of the rest of the day. I even managed to sneak into a frame or 2 :) on the plus side, some PEGbeer Co. came home with us... so Daddy and I were well prepared to deal with tantrum central. and since I am the official cuddler to fall asleep to, this pretty much wraps up our crazy day... except for one last image.... The end. 

Even though my brain was mush and I totally forgot to adjust my settings before setting up this shot... it still feels like a good end to our day. Poor exposure, bad lighting and all, the company I'm in is still my favorite ever.

Thanks for sharing in my day friends! Here is the link to the next round of awesome daily goodness, from another very talented photographer (who I have a feeling will become a fast friend) Alex of Alex Sumner Photography, from Clarksville TN. Click on over and enjoy!

Finding the Life, Blog 1 



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