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July 20, 2017  •  4 Comments

The Winnipeg Birth Center birth of Rowan

Dear Rowan,

I met your mom a year and a half ago or so, at a rally to support our Manitoba midwives. See, she and I share this common love for midwifery, and a passion for growing awareness surrounding midwifery care in our province. Since that first meeting, she was at every rally I was. It was fun to watch your big sister grow, and I was honoured to fight for our midwives alongside her and your mom.

Fast forward a year(ish), and your mom told me she was expecting! I was so incredibly happy for her! When she asked me if I would be able to document your arrival, I was both incredibly humbled and tiny bit worried. See, we had already planned a trip overseas to visit my grandparents for their 90th birthdays. You were "due" a week after we got back, but I was still worried you would come early and I would miss it.... so I teamed up with my dear friend and fellow birth photographer, Catherine Brown Birth Photography and Doula services, and together, we made sure that we would be able to take care of your mom and dad no matter what. Your parents were so excited you were coming. During our meetings she would talk to us about how she was feeling, how your sister was doing, how she was both excited and nervous about becoming a mama again. 

My adventure overseas came and went... and when we got home on June 30th, I must say that I was happy and grateful that you waited for me. I talked with your mom every other day once we got home, to see how you were both doing and asking how she was feeling. She was most definitely ready to meet you...

In the early morning hours of July 3rd (a Monday), I got a message from your mom saying that she thought her waters had broken and that today might be the day! She had called her midwife to check in, got checked out and since it was still early, went back to sleep for a bit. 

Later that morning, with your big sister happily with Grandma, off to the Birth Center you all went. Your mom and Dad kept me in the loop throughout the afternoon. Her surges were becoming stronger and closer together and she was  ready to be admitted by her midwife to the Birth Center. Today was for sure the day! Everyone was excited and SO ready!

Once everyone was settled in, I got the invite to join your birth day party. When I arrived shortly after 2pm, your Mom and Dad were in the tub working through her surges together, with the tender and skilled hands of Jenna from Equilibrium Massage Therapy and Wellness Center, your doula close by. Your mama was so incredibly strong, and your dad was so in tune with what she needed. He was the most wonderful support. I could feel the love radiating off of him. It brought me to tears.

I will let your birth day images tell the rest...

Your Grandma called while your mom was working on bringing you earthside, to see how she was doing and let your mom and dad know how your big sister was doing. She was also very excited for your upcoming arrival!

After some good pushes, at 6:40pm on July 3rd, there you were. You were big and beautiful and perfect, and covered in birthday frosting. You daddy caught you and seeing the love in his eyes when he saw you and held you for the first time, and passed you over to your mom melted me to my core.  And a bit of a funny story for you.... you had a big, thick umbilical cord.... so when your Mom asked if you were a boy or a girl, your cord was in the way and your Dad mistakenly thought you were a boy. Upon checking again, he determined that you were in fact a girl. He was the proud dad of 2 daughters. The moments above are when he reassessed and had to amend which sex you were... there was not a dry eye in the house! It was priceless. Your doula was an incredible part of your birth team. This is the second time I have had the honour of watching the Equilibrium team support a birthing family, and I must say, I'm sad that I didn't know about them when I had my babies. Jenna was such a wonderful support to your parents, and shared in their excitement and joy every step of the way. I know how excited she will also be, to watch you grow!

Once you were settled and cozy for your first nursing session with your mama, everyone relaxed and enjoyed the calmness and quiet while we waited for your big sister to arrive to meet you. 

Your big sister was already such a big help to your mama within minutes of meeting you. I know that you will have someone to watch over you and help you navigate this big wide world for the rest of time. And speaking as a big sister myself, you will have a friend and confidant for life. 

Your mama worked so hard to bring you earthside, and as soon as you were born, her midwives said to her "well now we know why you had to work so hard!". You were a big girl... but no one was sure just how big you were. This was the face your mama made when her midwifery team told her that you were 10lbs 10oz. The size of a 3 month old. Your mama rocked it!

And here is where I leave you. A new and perfect family of 4. When ever I take my leave from birth spaces, I always ask mama if there is any other photos she wants me to capture before I go, and this time was no different. And I was brought to tears (again!) at your moms request for one final image.... She wanted a photo with me....

Rowan, your birth day story is truly incredible. I am so honoured that your parents asked me to be a part of it. You were born into a room that was bubbling over with love and I know that it will follow you through out your life. I hope that you can look back through these images and that they become a talisman for how much love has enveloped you from the very beginning. 

With love, your birth photographer


Jen G(non-registered)
These are incredible. Rowan and her family are incredibly blessed to have these images!
Nikki G.(non-registered)
Alicia, these photos are incredible and you captured their story so beautiful through photographs and your words!! Such a blessing you are to the families you work with! <3
Alicia, you are an incredible storyteller. Thank you for all your beautiful and powerful work advocating for midwifery and sharing stories. People are so blessed to have you tell their story.
These are amazing images! Stunning. What a beautiful story.
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