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an ode to the pool guy │ a small business tale │ winnipeg documentary photographer │ aliciaTphoto

September 28, 2017  •  7 Comments

An ode to the pool guy │ aliciaTphoto

Dear husband

This season of our life is hard.

It's draining, both emotionally and physically.

It's stressful for our family.

We miss you.

But I don't have the words to properly express how grateful we are for all that you do. For how hard you work.  Being by your side and watching you and your partner build and grow your now thriving business from the ground up over the last 3 years has been nothing short of inspiring and it pushes me to do better for myself and for my dear and precious clients.

I remember that day, last summer, that I followed you to work for a day. We put our kids in daycare for the day so I could tag along and see what you do, and so we could spend some much needed time together. And in true "me" fashion, I had my camera in tow so I could document some of your story. 

**For those of you who may not understand my reasons for wanting to go to work with my dear husband for a day, let me back up a little bit.... If you have a partner who works a seasonal job, you probably have a better idea of where we're coming from. My husband works (literally) non stop in the summer. Beginning some time in April, all the way through early November, he's up and out the door before 7am, and he is rarely home before bed time. 7 days a week, with the sole exception of holidays (and even then he's out the door if something is on fire). It means we don't get to see him all that much. It means we miss mothers day, fathers day, half our families birthdays, park days, beach days, bbq days... we miss out on a lot of precious summer family time. And then on the days he has off, he's still busy... trying to help me get a head start on the next week. Maintaining things around our home that are beyond my skill set (you should ask him about our front hedge that one time I tried to trim it and it ended up with a mowhawk because I couldnt reach the top... ) and trying to squeeze an adventure with our boys in there too, when I'm sure all his body is screaming for is sleep and food.**

I'm excited to share a bit of your story with the world my love.

So, here's a "day in the life of the pool guy".

I'm happy I got to tag along with you. I'm happy you are so proud of what you do that you wanted to share it with me. Even though I think it will be a while yet before I understand all your terminologies or technical terms, it was really wonderful to see what you do. 

The even better part of this day with you is that it was just a maintenance day and there were no fires to put out, which means it was a shorter day and we got to finish the day with some well deserved family time. 


But in true entrepreneur fashion, the work never ends....

I love you with all of my heart.

And I'm proud of you.

With love, your camera toting, storytelling, life documenting wife.


**if you're interested in having your small business story told, I'd love to help you out! Please get in touch!

***if you happen to be in need of a hard working (dare I say, handsome) team of pool guys to help you out with repairs, service or maintenance, you can find NeverGreen Pool Care by clicking HERE



Jyotsna Bhamidipati(non-registered)
This is great that you got to spend some time with him and even the kids. Your storytelling and tribute to him is precious!!
Dreama Spence(non-registered)
What a fun way to spend time with your husband!
Nikki G.(non-registered)
This is so wonderful, Alicia!! What a lovely tribute to your husband, and the hard work that he does to provide for your family.
This whole series is beautiful!
I love the way you document and see your sweet husband. Telling his day to day story has so much value.
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