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Winnipeg Family Photography Workshop

The Memory Keeper

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Let's set the scene shall we....

You took the plunge and invested in a DSLR camera! Or a well meaning partner or family member gifts you a fancy camera, because they know you love to photograph your family. You are over the moon excited and start snapping away!! ... Then you load up those photos and they're not what you pictured... They didn't fulfill the vision you had in your head. You're frustrated, so you go back to your phone snaps because, let's face it, may as well use the phone if the fancy camera isn't delivering, plus it's way less cumbersome to carry around... but you still dream of the photos you want to make with that camera that still calls you, dust covered, from the shelf in your office.... It's there begging you to document those milestone and mundane moments that make your life uniquely yours...

What if I told you that you CAN create the images you have in your head, with a little bit of guidance?

Because you can.

And I can help.

"The Memory Keeper" is an intense 4 hour in person workshop that will help you better understand how your DSLR works, how the different functions can work together, and how to get the most out of this amazing memory preserving tool you have at your finger tips.


We will also cover your "why". What is important to you in terms of capturing your real, and how best to capture the feeling and not just the actions. We will talk about different kinds of light and how they can add to the mood you're trying to capture. We will talk about perfection in our pictures and why it may not be as important as we think. We're going to dig deep and be honest!


And we will have some open Q&A time where you are welcome to pick my brain about anything and everything. This will also be the time I will open up my own gear bag and you are welcome to look through it and ask questions (or maybe even try something if you happen to be a Nikon shooter!)!


What you need:

A DSLR camera. Mirrorless users are welcome as well! Though I am not overly familiar with the system, the principles are the same.

Your camera manual, if you have it. If you don't you can always google it....

A notebook if you're a note taker.

Yourself and your eagerness to learn and grow!


What will be provided:

All course material, printed and ready to go for you to take home and use for reference

Homework assignments. (yes, I am giving you homework)

A private Facebook group where we will share successes, trouble shoot issues, post homework for feedback and continue our discussions!

Coffee, Tea & snacks! (because learning is no fun without caffeine and snacks... all the snacks)

My gear bag for you to poke through.


--> The Nitty Gritty <--

Who: YOU & ME!

What: The Memory Keeper - a workshop for parents who want to better capture their family story

Where: Scout Coffee & Tea859 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0N8

When: Sunday, February 3rd 2019 from 12-4pm

Why: Because you made the investment in a beautiful camera and you want to use it to it's potential, and because your family story is imperfectly perfect and you want to remember the chaos long after your house is quiet.


Registration opens December 20th 2018

Early bird pricing will be available from December 20th - 30th 2018

Regular enrollment will be available until January 20th 2019 or until sold out

And just because learning is made more fun with a friend

I will also be offering "Buddy Passes"

when you and a friend book & pay together


How to enroll:

Email me at [email protected]

Include your full name, email & mailing address, and what you're struggling with most about your gear.

Once I receive your email, I will send you contract & payment info! Seats need to be paid in full at time of booking and will be processed on a first come first served basis. Once I receive your initial email and send you payment information, you will have 24 hours to claim your seat. If I don't receive payment inside the 24 hour window, your seat will be released to the next in line

I want this to be a small, safe and intimate class so I am only accepting 10 participants

I like to keep things real, so here we go....

Is any course going to make you a true "master" of your camera? Nope. Not even close. I spent a lot of time & money on a full year of full time photography school and I was by no means an expert at the end. You will need to work at it and you will need to practice. You will fail. I did. I still do. But the more you practice and put what we learn together to use, the more those failures will become fewer and further between, and you will feel your confidence grow. And you will see that growth in the pictures you make.

I am here to help you build the foundation you need to create beautiful time traveling memories of your family that you can cover your walls with, but ultimately you have to be willing to put in the work. To practice. To be patient. To make mistakes, and then try again. And again. And again. 

I'm excited to be on this journey together! And I am honoured to share some of my knowledge with you.

Cheers friends.


PS- Have more questions?? Please do not hesitate to reach out to me! As always, I'm an open book and am here to help in any way I can! Click HERE to get in touch




Oh man, this is an amazing deal! I so wish I lived closer, I would be there in an instant!! ♡♡♡
Courtney HUpp(non-registered)
This is so so great!! You have so much talent to teach and share!
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