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Oh! Hello Neighbour!

Winnipeg Family Photographer takes a trip to the "Hi Neighbour" Festival

*Welcome to Transcona!*

You see those signs whenever you enter my neighborhood. You see, Transcona is a part of Winnipeg that's basically self contained. Once you're here, you don't really need to leave. My friends whom almost all live in other areas of the city always joke that they're leaving Winnipeg when they're coming to see me becuse I'm so far away and Transcona is so unique. It's the "Park City".

One of the many great things about my little section of Winnipeg is the "Hi Neighbour" festival. It's something we look forward to every summer, and even more so now that my kids are a bit older. It's a long standing tradition for most of us transconians, and Winnipeggers from across the city will come to our neck of the woods to enjoy the festivities. 

While we eagerly await this year's Hi Neighbour festival (Which will be June 1-3, in case you're wondering), I will share with you our adventures from last year, starting with watching the parade...

And of course, my nephew being my nephew, and Opa basically letting him do whatever he wants, my nephew decided that he wanted to be part of the parade. Luckily for us, Transconians are amazing and cheered him on the whole way! My mom even stole my camera so I managed to get on a couple of rides and make it into a shot or 2! So if you look at the image above here, it's ME! 


And after a busy day enjoying all the sights, sounds, rides & treats, everyone was starting to run out of steam... 

And even though no one was ready to leave yet, because let's be honest, when are 2 & 4 year old's ever ready to leave anywhere fun, we compromised (ok, ok, I bribed them with...) on one last ride on the cars, followed by slurpees.
After a long day of sunshine and chaos, it's no surprise that these 2 didn't even make it 4 sips into their slurpees or the 3 minute walk to the car...

Hi Neighbour is something we look forward to every single year. To us it feels like it's the official launch of summer. It signifies the countdown until school is out. It means warmer weather and later days, and the beginning of summer shinanigans. 

If you see us this year, come say hi! We look forward to seeing all of your faces.

I may even open up a "Hi Neighbour" session or 2, if anyone is interested! Get in touch asap (click here to do so), as the festival is only 3 days, and I will be there with my own kiddos one of those days. 

Cheers friends, and thanks for being here!



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