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January 02, 2019  •  3 Comments

INTRODUCING: Prints & Legacy Cards

Winnipeg Family Photographer


legacy - noun -  something transmitted by or received from an

ancestor or predecessor, or from the past


What visual legacy are you leaving your kids? Your future grand kids? Have you thought about that? Have you pondered what your life story will look like to future generations? What tiny glimpse of your real every day will you leave behind?

Here's another question.....

Are you leaving them tangible, hold in their hand photographs?

Or are you going to hand them a hard drive of memories past?

This is why I've made some changes for 2019.

They may seem like big changes, but they're there for a very valid reason.

All sessions will now include prints. 4x6 ready to slide into your favorite photo album prints. Ready for your favorite collage frame prints. WHY?? Because printing your pictures is important. You are investing in having your memories captured, it's important for you to be able to look at them in real life, not just on a screen.

Did you know that there have been studies done that show that kids whose families display photos of them on their walls at home have higher self esteem? 

So yes, while your investment with me will increase, so will your take away. Big time, and in a very important and tangible way.

I will also be offering a-la-cart print products and add on's printed through one of Canada's best professional print labs. If you're curious, please message me for details! You are also welcome to order prints from sessions past. These prints that I am proud to offer are archival quality and absolutely stunning. There is no comparison vs local consumer labs. It's an investment, but one that will last a lifetime or longer.

Along with the above changes, I am also super excited to FINALLY start

offering my "Legacy Card" program. 

This is something that I've had floating around in my head for a long time.  Basically what it is, is when you book a minimum 1 hour session with me (sorry, mini sessions don't count), and plan on booking at least once every 15 months, you will lock in your price forever (or until I retire, which ever happens first. I will even continue to honour legacy cards if I ever change careers as long as you keep up your end of the bargain and have a session every 15 months).

So if you book a 1 hour session right now, and pay $350, you will lock in the $350 for 1 hour price every time you book, no matter what my price increases or package changes may be along the way, as long as you book again, and that next session takes place within 15 months. It won't change to the current equivalent to, it will remain the original package/rate you booked with me (unless you want to upgrade or change to the current package ,that is).


Did I mention that Half/Full day in the life sessions now also come with 3 matted fine art 8x12 prints included?  So you will get the 4x6 prints, as well as wall art, every time you book a half or full day session. The only catch is you have to hire me at least once every 15 months.

Just think of the printed legacy you will be leaving your family.

It will be an incredible one.

And one last exciting thing for 2019; "The Memory Keeper"

I am so excited to start offering parents a means to better capture their own families. "The Memory Keeper" is a workshop that I will run annually (more if the demand is there) that will give parents the basics on how use their fancy camera to its potential, and WHY documenting your family in a real and honest way is so important.

If you want to more details on the workshop, click HERE. Registration is open for the first one, which will be taking place February 3rd 2019 at Scout; Coffee & Tea. These workshops will be both intimate and intense. We will learn a lot together, and seats are limited to 10 participants per class!

So there you have it. Some super exciting things for 2019! Cheers to a new year my friends. I'm excited to keep growing and making memories with you!


PS- I also have the ability to accept credit cards... which obviously means I'm a big kid now right?


This is great! Printing our images is so vital and one that I have been forcing myself to do more of.
Kelley Dallas(non-registered)
Great ideas and adds to your photography business. I think I might just have to do what you are doing - 4x6 prints of all the photos - so at least they all get printed :)! Thank you for the idea!
Courtney Hupp(non-registered)
Your Legacy Card idea is so great! What an incredible deal for your clients. They need to do that NOW!!
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