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Don't Sit Still - Introducing the *Super Speed* Micro Minis Series

Winnipeg Family Photography, but something a bit different.

Our lives are filled with movement. We are always in motion in one way or another. So why, when it comes to photos of our families, especially our kids, do we try to get everyone to sit still? Why not embrace the movement and motion of our lives and be open to creating some art?

There are many ways we can show movement in our pictures.... in many of the pictures we make, we can feel the motion regardless of how it's captured. 

But my personal favorite by far is to capture that little bit of motion blur.

If done intentionally it can add a little extra something to a picture...

To convince you that our lives in pictures don't need to be stiff and still and flawless, I am offering a round of what my kids have lovingly dubbed "Super Speed" micro minis. These will not be for family photos. They will be 5 to 15 minuted micro sessions to create a single piece of motion filled art that can hang on your wall eternally. You can scoot, run, rollerblade, skateboard or bike.... or whatever else you think of that gets you moving. Any family member can participate, even the 4 legged & furry ones if you desire a piece of art with your running buddy.

I have 8 spots and they will take place on June 1st, on the Transcona Trail just behind Oxford Heights Community Center. The time slots will be fairly lose (I am going to schedule them every 10 minutes, but please allow some grace as this isn't an exact science. There is an awesome park at Oxford Heights that can occupy little people if needed), and I will have stand by options for anyone who doesn't manage to grab one of the 8 spots. 

With these sessions, you will receive an 8x12 archival print, matted with an acid free archival mat to fit an 11x14 frame, with the option to upgrade to an 11x14 matted to 16x20 if you want to go big or go home. You will also receive between 2-4 digital files for you to share on social media or print more of if you so chose. Due to the nature of these sessions, the cost will be per participant. If we have time, we can attempt siblings together but my focus will be individuals. 

I know, I know.... get to the cost already.

$75 per person. This gets you your 8x12 artwork and your 2-4 digital files.

Want to upgrade your print size to the 11x14 matted to 16x20? Cool - add on $25.

Want additional copies of your art to gift to family members? Awesome, add on $20 for 8x12 or $40 for 11x14 (as long as they are ordered by the deadline... I can order additional copies after the deadline, but they're $35 for 8x12 or $75 for 11x14)

So let's ditch the stiff and proper portraits in favour of capturing our lives in motion. 

Watch the Facebook Event for updates on the event itself (like if we need a rain date) as well as a map on how to get there if you're not familiar with Transcona.

Want to grab your spot? Email me ASAP as I'm only guaranteeing 8 slots. Payment is due in full to secure your spot. If there is enough interest then I will add more time or a second date. 

Cheers friends. I look forward to making some art with you that you can proudly hang on your wall for a lifetime.


Ready to book or have more questions? CLICK HERE to connect with me.

Family BBQ │ Extended Family Back Yard Session │ Winnipeg Family Photographer

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Summer Back Yard Session

Winnipeg Family Photographer

This amazing family has been trusting me with their memories for years now. It fills me with so much joy when my clients become my friends and year after year, bring me back to capture their lives and their growing families. I feel so incredibly lucky that I get to watch my families grow and evolve. 

This session was extra special because some of the family was visiting from abroad! Photos of them all together are fairly rare. It's hard when some family is far away. I know because a good chunk of my family lives in Holland, and I may or may not go overboard with photos when we are all together because that time is so precious.

It was also fun because these Dads all love their cameras and tend to be the ones who wield them most often. This way, with me there, they get to ignore their cameras and actually be in some photos with their families. That's the whole point of what I do! I let you ditch the camera and be in the moment with the people you love most.

Here's a peak into an evening with the P family!

And, I promise, we can even sneak in a "proper" family photo if you want one.

Let's redefine what a family photo session looks like.

Let's work together and make photos that will make you feel the feelings and remember the details and bring you back in time.

Because (and I will keep screaming this from rooftops until people believe me) a picture can capture MORE than just what we look like.

Let's make some memories friends.

I'm booking summer sessions almost every Saturday, all summer. Get in touch ASAP if you have a specific date in mind.

Cheers friends, and thanks for being here.


Thwaites Family Adventures │ 365 - March │ Winnipeg Family Photographer

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Winnipeg Family Photographer

A hairy adventure

My son has had long hair for most of his life. He started growing his hair out this time, by his own choice, when he was 3.5 years old. He said he loved mommy's long hair and wanted to have long hair like me (cue heart melt).

A couple of years later, we got it into a ponytail for the first time ever. HE WAS SO PROUD.

But the downward spiral had already started..... the random, likely innocent, comments from strangers telling me "how much they love the colour of my daughters hair". Classmates going out of their way to refer to him as "she" or "her" just to bother him. Even a family member commenting that he would look like a girl with long hair because long hair is for girls. 

In the beginning he couldn't care less. He was happy and proud of his hair. He loved it. He thought he looked like a rock star. We showed him pictures of famous men with long hair. We talked about how some aboriginal peoples in Canada think that the longer your braid is, the closer you are to Mother Earth (this one he loved the most, and he insisted on wearing his hair in a braid most days after we talked about this one).

But things wear on you after a while, and I saw his attitude shifting. I saw his resilient little heart wearing out and he was becoming more and more sad, and even becoming verbally aggressive with strangers who referred to him as "she" or "her" or "your daughter". 

And then his teacher at school had a chat with me..... he'd tried to cut his hair off in class. He was sick of being called a girl. 

So I asked him if he wanted to get a hair cut, and much to my dismay, he said he did. I knew it was coming... but it still made me sad. 

Please don't mistake me, if he'd just wanted to have short hair I would have been all for it. I'm just really angry at society as a whole for unintentionally wearing down my son to the point that his little free spirit seemed broken, no matter how much me and his dad and his Nana and Opa and our close circle of family friends tried to lift him up. I even waited a full 2 months to make sure this is what he wanted and to make sure he understood that once we cut it, he would be 10 years old before it was this long again.

He was sure. So off we went...

He chose a mowhawk. So his hair still speaks to his independent and quirky little personality that I love so much. And of course, because he picked a mowhawk, so did little bro. 

And there's a new spring in his step. In the moment, he was a bit unsure, but within hours he was on top of the world, and professing his undying love for our dear friend, and co-owner of The Sapphire Hair Lounge, April. And he hasn't been upset about going to school. And he hasn't been as confrontational. His confidence is back.

So while I'm sad about his reasons, I am happy for him... Because after all, this isn't about me. 

And to all my grown up friends out there, I implore you, pause for a moment before you comment on a kids appearance... because they are listening, and they hear more than we think, and their little hearts and minds absorb way more than we give these little people credit for. 

If you've stuck with me this far, thanks for hearing me out. I've fallen off the wagon with my 365 a bit, but this was a full story that needed to be told, and I'm trying to get back on the daily photo train for April. 

Happy Monday friends!


Let's Brainstorm │ Small Business Session │ Winnipeg Storytelling Photographer

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Small Business Branding Sessions

Creating custom content as unique as your Winnipeg business


7 seconds.

That is, on average, how long you have to grab the attention of a potential client or customer.

And that's if they make it to your website. On Instagram or Facebook? It's even less. 

But that's ok! I'm here to help.

Something really fun I've been working on is Small Business Stories. Basically what this is, is I hang out with you while you're at work on location or in your shop or office, where ever work happens to be for you. You will tell me about your business and your clients and we will tailor make a catalogue of pictures that is relevant to your specific business. Think of these sessions as stock photography that is custom created using your products and/or services. No more cellphone snaps or wasting your budget buying irrelevant stock images (because you're not right click saving and sharing pics from a google image search right...? cause that's totally not allowed). You'll have an inventory of social media ready photos that are curated to your specific business and there waiting for you to pull from as needed.

 These sessions are 100% geared to the virtual world we live in. And an eye catching photo says more than words ever could in the average 7 seconds you have to grab the attention of potential customers or clients. 

Did we create imagery that you love so much you want to use it on your website and/or in your printed advertising? Well that's awesome and with these sessions you will get a hugely discounted rate on per image commercial usage!


This is Nicole Hacault of Royal Le Page Top Producers. She and I have known each other since she was my boss at the Sears Portrait Studio (*GASP* yes, I worked at Sears) some 10 odd years ago. Fast forward and we crossed paths again once we both had babies and had our own businesses. She's a wonderful client and a dear friend. 

She's also an amazing realtor who promotes small business and local love. She has other businesses she works closely with and she has these wonderful weekly video chats called "Wisdom Wednesday" and "Local Business of the Week" where she reaches out to other local businesses and shares a bit about them or shares tid bits of knowledge that are relevant to buying or selling a home (you can watch them on facebook by clicking HERE). She's such a community minded women that we decided to create a gallery for her of a collaborative brainstorming session with some of the partners she works closely with.

So, what ever your business needs happen to be, we can create some photos that tell your story and show off your vision for your business. I'm happy that I got to work with Nicole on this little project and I look forward to the next time we work together!

If you're interested in creating stock imagery as unique as your business, please get in touch! I am offering an intro rate for the next 5 business that book a branding session with me. Want to have a monthly or quarterly date and keep your imagery current? I may or may not have a discount for that! Message me and let's chat about it! I look forward to hearing from you! And as always, if you have questions I'm an open book, so ask away! I'm here for you.

Cheers friends, and thanks for being here!



PS- If you're looking for a realtor, look no further. This lady has her stuff nailed air tight and if we ever move again she is who I'll be calling!

Thwaites Family Adventures │ 365 - February │ Winnipeg Family Photographer

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Winnipeg Family Photographer

Personal 365 project -  February 2019

We are SO over winter. That was the coldest February since the 80's. We are all suffering from a bad case of cabin fever. We are bored. We are grouchy. We are sick of each other and being cooped up together. As you can plainly see, I've been struggling with my personal project, feeling fairly uninspired by these same walls day in and day out. I may or may not have cheated a couple of times and also used my phone a couple of times.....

But I will push through! Why? Because every year I do a 365, I grow.... a lot. And that growth then trickles down to you my dear and precious clients!

So enjoy a peek at our February...

Thanks for stopping by my friends! I hope these last winter days find you warm and cozy while we await the return of warmer days. I will say that I've noticed the light returning to my kitchen in the evenings and that is my yearly reminder that the end of hibernation is near. I cannot wait to play in my gardens and feel the sun on my skin.

Stay tuned, I've got a few more great client sessions lined up to share with you in the near future!

Cheers folks


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