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Birth Story FAQ's

Why would anyone want photos of THAT??

Every time I tell someone I'm a birth photographer, that's the reaction I get. To a T. You do what?? See, most people don't understand what I do. They don't get that it's not about the crotch shot. It's not about the physical moment a baby enters the world. It's a love story. It's documenting a couples journey into parenthood. The strength and determination it takes to bring forth new life. The unyielding support of a loving partner. The pure unadulterated joy when you see your baby's face for the first time, or she latches to nurse the first time... the first time your partner hold him and you fall even more in love with them than before...

I've got a good camera. I'll just get my husband/partner/mom/friend to take a the photos... (not a question, but here is something to consider)

It takes more than a good camera to document a birth story... besides, wouldn't you rather your support team be just that? Let them be by your side on this crazy intense journey. Tell them to put the camera down and be PART of your story. 

I don't want my vagina on the internet!

Me neither, don't worry. I had a birth photographer present for the births of my own 2 children, so I get that. I think vaginas are cool and birth is amazing and women's bodies are incredible, but I don't share sensitive photos online anywhere, and if there happens to be one that I'm head over heels for and really want to share, I will ALWAYS get the ok from you first. Always.

Do you use a flash? Will it bother me?

I use flash as little as possible but sometimes it's needed. I've always been a fan of natural light, however with birth stories, to make sure I capture those moments perfectly for you, I will sometimes need to use my flash. Photography needs light. If your birth space is brightly lit or in a room full of windows, no worries. But it if happens at night, or if you're in a room lit only by candles I will need to use a flash to get quality images. I have yet to have a client complain about it and from my own personal experience, I honestly don't even remember it and my own birth photographer used flash the whole time. And hey, guess what.... if I'm using it and it's bothering you, give me "the look" and I'll turn that bad boy off.

What if things don't go as planned? What if I end up with a c-section?

Sometimes things don't go as planned, in the world of birth that's no secret. If plans change, then we go with the flow. If you end up needing a c-section, you or your partner will need to advocate for my presence. It's rare that a photographer is allowed into the operating room in Winnipeg, but I'm hopeful that will change in the future. In the case that I am not allowed in, I will send my camera in with your support person and I will meet up with you again in recovery to document your first hours as a new family!

I'm having a scheduled C-section... do I get a discount?

Birth doesn't always go as planned, and scheduled C-sections aren't always set in stone. Your baby may have other plans and decide to come a week ahead of your scheduled section date. Your section may be pushed back because the hospitals are full or there was an emergency. There are no certainties with birth and this is why I cannot offer discounts for scheduled c-sections.

Why is it so EXPENSIVE?

There are so many factors to consider here... but one of the best ways I've heard it explained is like this:
"take a wedding for example. You hire your wedding photographer, but you're not going to give them a date, just a 5 week window of when it may happen... you're also not going to give them a start time. Maybe 11am, maybe 2am. You're also not going to tell them how many hours you need them for... maybe 4, maybe 30... we'll let you know when you get here..."
I got into birth photography because I love it. It is the most magical and amazing thing in the universe to be asked to be present for and document someone's first breath, but there is a lot that goes into it. The equipment, the childcare, the on call life. Not to mention the time after your birth story to edit and put your story together so that it flows just right. It is most certainly an investment, but it's one worth making. And if you need or want to, we can custom build a payment plan together to make it a more achievable investment.

Will it cost more if my labour ends up being super long?

Absolutely not. Babies come in their own time and no matter how long that takes, I'll be with you. Your investment won't change. 

How far in advance should I book?

Most families contact me as soon as they find out they're expecting. I highly recommend getting in touch as soon as possible as I only take on a limited number of due dates per year.

I'm meeting with a few potential birth photographers.... how do I choose??

I always recommend meeting with potential photographers in person before making your final decision. Your comfort level in your birth space is of the utmost importance, and you want to make sure whom ever you hire to be present with you is someone you are completely comfortable with.  

What happens if you can't make it? Do you work with a back up/partner?

As both a mother myself and a professional birth worker, I am all too aware that family life and birth can unpredictable.  In the rare event that I am unable to attend your birth, due to client overlap or family emergency or illness, I am proud to work closely with Catherine Brown of Catherine Brown Photography & Doula Care. She and I work closely together and function as a team even though we are individual businesses. 

Do you offer Doula services as well?

I am an independent doula, trained through MACFE. While I do not offer stand alone doula services, you have the option to add on doula support to your birth story package. Please reach out for more details.


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